Drilling & Evaluation Services

Rig Services

We provide the most innovative and reliable drilling tools and machine shop services for conventional and unconventional drilling applications. Our manufacturing capabilities include manufacturing flanges, subs, pup joints, pony drill collars and all types of cross overs.

Fishing & Remedial

Our comprehensive line of oilfield solutions addresses fishing requirements for  your well, from milling, casing patches, workover projects, and abandonment and casing exit to open hole

Wireline Logging Services

Our large fleet of logging trucks, offshore units, logging tools and pressure  control equipment, provides a wide variety of open-hole and cased-hole logging services to its clients.

Directional Drilling

Our directional drilling services provide a whole suite of solutions from conventional to unconventional drilling applications. From simple deviated to long horizontal wells,  Our directional drilling services meet our customer’s targets cost-effectively. Our experienced directional drilling engineers and service technicians are supported by a strong drilling engineering team utilizing industry-recognized well design software.

Slickline Services

Our slickline services cover: basic removal of scale, wax and sand build-up, setting plugs, changing out gas lift valves, fishing and other complex well applications. State-of-the-art equipment operated by highly skilled and experienced personnel providing the highest operational and safety performance makes us the slickline company of choice.

Customers Are Our Top Priority

Client confidence on a stand-alone basis attained from a working knowledge of operating rigs to the highest international operating standards.

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