Production Services

Coiled Tubing

We have extensive coiled tubing experience such as stimulation, nitrogen lifting, fishing, milling, clean-out, scale removal, through-tubing plug setting, horizontal logging and other complex well applications


We have several years of experience in primary and remedial cementing services across the  Middle East, North Africa & Far East Asia

Filtration Services

We provide filtration services to our clients to meet their requirements, save additional costs of well stimulation and avoid related operational problems due to non-filtered fluids, especially across the pay zone.

Stimulation & Pumping

We provide Matrix stimulation, hydraulic fracturing and pumping services  throughout all its operations utilizing modern technology and state-of-the-art equipment. Our wide  range of chemical solutions enable the treatment of both sandstone and dolomite formations under the  toughest reservoir.

Nitrogen Services

We offer a complete nitrogen service package to its clients. We have at our  disposition a worldclass nitrogen fleet comprising some of the most technically advanced equipment and  applications in the industry. Our equipment incorporates a combination of low, intermediate, and high-  rate units.


We are a provider of surface and subsurface safety systems, high-pressure packer systems, flow controls, service tools, expandable liner technology, VIT technology for steam applications, and engineering capabilities with manufacturing capacity and testing facilities in Oman

Customers Are Our Top Priority

Client confidence on a stand-alone basis attained from a working knowledge of operating rigs to the highest international operating standards.

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